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What are ZillaPoints?

At DealZilla we believe in rewarding our customers for more than just making purchases. That's why we have devised our very own unique and exciting reward scheme - exclusive to DealZilla - known as ZillaPoints.

Whenever you make an active contribution to the DealZilla website we will reward you with ZillaPoints which can then be redeemed at any point for exclusive ZillaPrizes! The more ZillaPoints you obtain, the better the ZillaPrizes on offer!

What's more is that we offer a variety of ZillaPrizes options; each worth a certain number of ZillaPoints. This means that you can either spend all your hard earned ZillaPoints on one large reward, or, grab yourself a few, smaller, more novel prizes - the choice is completely yours.

There's lots of opportunities to earn ZillaPoints, including when you...

  • Submit a review which is then approved.
  • Cast your vote on any of DealZilla's polls.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Send us useful feedback.
  • Complete our member questionairre.
  • Make posts in our member forum.
  • And so many more...!

So what are you waiting for? Register today and start earning ZillaPoints!

Please Note: ZillaPoints is still in beta testing with a few select members. If you would like to be included in the ZillaPoints program, please submit your request using the form in "your account". Please keep your feedback and comments on ZillaPoints coming - we are listening very carefully and are hoping to launch the program out of beta in the very near future!

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